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a few worlds

When:            Saturday March 3 at 8pm
                        Sunday March 4 at 4pm

Where:          Dance Place, 3225 8th St NE,
                        Washington DC 20017

Metro:           Brookland / CUA (Red Line)

Tickets:         $15 – $30 (see for details)

Box Office:  202.269.1600

A few worlds is a collaboration between Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group, Arts for the Aging’s Quicksilver Senior Dance Company, DC composer Jessica Krash,

poet Ellen Roche and other guest artists.


The program will be performed on Saturday, March 3 at 8pm and Sunday, March 4 at 4pm at Dance Place, 3225 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20017. 


The Program:


Guest artists Quicksilver Senior Dance Company respond to video footage of an art opening in Circling, featuring new choreography by Nancy Havlik, in celebration of Quicksilver's 20th Anniversary.


Havlik and local composer Jessica Krash collaborate on the waters all of light and of the west. The dance explores the American fascination with road trips as a journey to meaning and fulfillment. the waters all of light and of the west includes a sonnet composed by poet Ellen Roche on a road trip from DC to Austin, Texas.

This piece with its specially commissioned piano score was made possible by an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council.  


After Klee a new trio for violin with two dancers and takes its vocabulary from the painting Young Moe by Paul Klee, permanently housed in the Phillips Collection in DC.


Space Between Dreams continues on the Company's exploration of the interaction between dancers and musicians as percussionist Nate Scheible and dancer Juliana Ponguta Forero support, juxtapose and contrast movement and sound, in a call-and-response competition.


The program is completed by Confluence a collaboration between the company, some of the best dance improvisers in DC, Nate Scheible and invited musicians in a coming together of a few worlds.


The Performers:


Choreography:  Nancy Havlik

Dancers: Juliana Ponguta Forero, Uyen Hoang, Aquiles Holladay, Sandra Roachford, Shay Turner and invited guests

Video: Denaise Seals

Musicians: Anthony Hyatt (violin), Jessica Krash (piano / composer), Nate Scheible (percussion)





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