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spring / SPRING

What:             spring / SPRING
When:            Saturday May 13, 2017 at 8pm
Where:           Dance Loft on 14, 4518 14th St NW,
Metro:            Georgia Avenue – Petworth
Tickets:          $15 (General Admission),
                         $10 (children / seniors / artists)
Information and Reservations:  240.802.2480


Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group with guest artists Arts for the Aging's Quicksilver Senior Dance Company and students from Company | E's Youth Movement Center perform an evening of new dance works celebrating the natural world, life and movement in all its diversity.


The Program:


Fellow Creatures is a new dance / theater work for four dancers and three musicians, that considers the close proximity of humans to our animal friends; how we move, relate and confront each other in social contests. This work is an homage to Paul Taylor’s Cloven Kingdom and Elizabeth Bishop’s poem Sandpiper.


Space Between Dreams expands on the Company's continued exploration of the interaction between dancers and musicians as percussionist Nate Scheible and dancer Juliana Ponguta Forero support, juxtapose and contrast movement and sound, leading and following, taking turns.


In IT'S US!, Havlik collaborates with Dance Performance Group’s six dancers and three musicians on an improvisation score playing with structure and freedom, chaos and order and the search for epiphany.


Timelines, celebrates AFTA's Quicksilver Seniors Dance Company’s sense of community and joy leading up to their 20th anniversary and is co-directed by Havlik and violinist Anthony Hyatt.


Finally Company | E's creative movement class directed by Chanel Smith offer a celebratory dance of spring!


The Performers:


Choreography:  Nancy Havlik and Chanel Smith

Dancers: Margarita Castro, Jonathan DeVilbiss, Seth Dellinger, Juliana Ponguta Forero, Sandra Roachford, Shay Turner

Musicians: Daniel Barbiero (double bass), Anthony Hyatt (violin), Gary Rouzer (cello) Nate Scheible (percussion)

Guest Artists:  Arts for the Aging's Quicksilver Senior Dance Company,

Company | E's Creative Movement Classes





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