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Ascent at Joe's Movement


When: March 2 at 8pm
Where: Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712 

Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group starts its Ascent at

Joe’s Movement Emporium March 2, 2013.


Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group follows up December’s critically-acclaimed performance at the Josephine Butler Parks Center, with an evening of moonstruck walzes, impending storms and magical cartwheels.


Ascent features dancers and musicians from Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group and children from Mt Rainier Student Group. It will be performed on Saturday March 2 at 8pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill Road, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712. Metro: Rhode Island Avenue (Red) with bus. West Hyattsville (Green) with bus.


The Program:


Performers from Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group are performing three dance/theater works. Children from Mt. Rainier Student Group are performing two pieces made in collaboration with company members Nancy Havlik and Annetta Dexter Sawyer.


The premiere of I Can See You When I Breathe presents a typically off-kilter re-imagining of the waltz. Personal stories are stirred up by insistent rhythm, changing partners and the tantalizing yet unsurmountable space between dancers.


Tracking Tornadoes is an ensemble work for 5 dancers, originally improvised in close collaboration with musicians Daniel Barbiero (double bass) and Nguyen Khoi Nguyen (keyboard and vocals). As the dancers sense a storm coming, their moves, attitudes, postures and interactions reflect the unsettling changes in the atmosphere and their community.


The Company’s signature piece What Next? has been thrown in the air and remade for this performance. It looks at a society controlled by bureaucratic rules and regulations, trying to stay “in step” despite the increasing absurdity of the direction.


Older children from Mt. Rainier Student Group collaborate with Nancy Havlik to develop a dance/theater work based on their own stories. The younger children work with Annetta Dexter Sawyer to make a dance celebrating the infectious joy of moving inherent in young children's play.


Musical director Daniel Barbiero and his musicians including local favorite Nguyen Khoi Nguyen to provide a rich musical texture throughout the evening.


The Performers:


Choreography:  Nancy Havlik

Dancers:  Alexey Brazhnikov, Amanda Blythe, Annetta Dexter Sawyer, Ken Manheimer, Micah Trapp, Justin Wyss-Gallifent

Musical Director:  Daniel Barbiero (double bass)

Musicians: Nguyen Khoi Nguyen (keyboard + vocals), Curt Seiss (percussion), Deni Seiss (flute)


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